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Optical Rack 48-120 ports (Swing type)

The following specification addresses the specifications for TOT Public Company Limited (TOT) for the cross-link of the fiber-network in TOT exchange buildings. This condition applies to the fiber distribution frame (FDF).

This FDF is built under indoor conditions used in TOT exchanges or in buildings. The FDF shall protect optical fibers from environmental and mechanical stresses primarily by its design.

In compliance with the TOT standard OES-004-033-01 or the latest issue, the fiber patch cord and pigtail used for the FDF specification shall be used.

The technical bidding proposal by the bidder shall provide complete details of the following information.


  1. Enclosed Rack 19 "rack diameter (482.6 mm)
  2. Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) and loose tube routing (OFC)
  3. Large patch cord storage and shelf unit
  4. Style: Patching/Splicing



Product Code : JK0005
Category : Optical Rack Mount
Tags : #ตู้แร็ค #ตู้ Rack # Rack Mount 19 inch #enclosure #optical fiber #fiber optic #SC/APC #FC #ST #LC #E2000panel #ตู้ใส่สายไฟเบอร์

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